See another soul ajar!


The little boat that couldn't (until now)

How long it took to get to this
a port of comfort nil amiss
navigate with steady hand
no more avoiding fearful land

In trying to approach the dock
it ran into a hidden rock
attempted to the island make
it scraped the bottom of the lake

It thought it be a place to sit
now closer see it's full of shit
the sea's their favorite spot
supposed that's why they'd crapped a lot

artistic landscape....covered white
makes a very surreal sight
but not for boat... this milieu feel
the search goes on...away it steal

it's little bow it pointed West
of all directions this is best
old vessel bring to harbor safe
to be no more a wander waif

it came to end to rove
discover rest at wisdom cove
"so calm inside the bay of me",
whispered it, "no more at sea."