See another soul ajar!




Since I have entered age of old
"A deer in head-lights", I've been told
is what I look like when addressed
no wonder I am so depressed!

The once flirtatious "bedroom eyes"
now wear expressions of surprise
perhaps because my hearing sucks
my comprehension seems in flux

Before they used to call me ,"hot",
now they ask, "you there or not?"
It's true I look confused and stressed
no longer helped by how I'm dressed

my clothes....they hang deliberately
as if to say that they wear me!
Five foot ten, one thirty eight
since age of twelve my height and weight

that's still the same...the scale still charts
but the total's now LESS than the sum of parts!
Gerontology geometry I guess at play
numbers never my forte!

Still...I'd like to figure out
what happened to my figure 'bout
a year ago...or was it nine..?
when I began to show decline.

So now that my parts don't sum to the whole
and my form is morphing out of control
cell senescence tightens it's grip
I'm breaking down at one hell of a clip!

Well, of course I nature shows
the cycle up and down it goes
separating from the one
returning back when time is done

ADIOS to me and I and mine
mere particles of the design.