See another soul ajar!




Thrice I threw me down to sleep
tucked-in ,ALAS, in one big heap
agitated legs a-dangle
naught be well in this ,“rectangle”!

No corporal part in chamber rest
not arm, nor foot, nor tortured breast
Move this! Move that! Put knee to chin...
nothing sooth the restless limb. a moment peace and calm...
And then an itch upon my arm!
God damn it to hell...this plank on the floor
I’ll never find sleep more!

Up then to read...a good device
until my feet turn into ice!
Reluctant return to the nasty plank
in preference to the nightly dank.

At least this inhospitable cot
can keep me warm which is a lot
I may not sleep until the dawn
on the other hand, here comes a yawn...